Georgia-Russia Calendar

The Project is postponed up to 2015.

GEORGIA – RUSSIA IN BIRTHDAY DATES. Maximov offers to produce a table-top reference calendar containing the dates of the birthdays of 1.300 state officials, top administrators, entrepreneurs and top-managers involved into the development of economic and cultural relations between two countries. See a description of the calendar in the attached paper.

LANGUAGE. It’s impossible or at least ineffective to produce the Calendar in two or three languages. More reasonable to release it only in Russian or English.  Keeping in mind the specifics of the topic, it’s much more reasonable to produce it only in Russian.

DISTRIBUTION. All heroes of the calendar will get a complimentary copy on behalf of Maximov & Partners, therefore it’s guaranteed that the Calendar will become a compulsory attribute of any cabinet involved into development of Georgia-Russia relations. Taking into account a delicate manner of the current political relations between two countries, such an approach would be politically safe, as a New Year gift will be done by a private company owned by the Russian, who now permanently lives in Georgia and develops business based on Georgia-Russia business cooperation. Some of the Calendar participants will buy additional copies for their New Year gifts. The companies which will place their ads in the Calendar will get additional copies as a part of a package deal. There will be orders for corporate customization of the Calendars for companies who are strongly involved in Georgian-Russian business cooperation.

The total print-run of the Calendar will make up approximately 5.000 copies.

FINANCING. Maximov doesn’t need any financial support from the state to realize this project. Financing will be ensured by his own funds and/or corporate money delivered by Georgian/Russian advertisers and sponsors. But such a project needs some administrative support from the Government.