Both Russian and foreign media paid a lot of attention to Andrei Maximov and Maximov Publications. There is no reason to provide our site visitors with a full list of innumerous publications. Please, find at this page two recent interviews of Andrei Maximov, published in English, plus two translations of two Russian-language articles. In 2012-2013 due to delicate character of Georgia – Russia relations and Georgia as our activities priority, we escaped any publicity in the Russian media. But we are going to promote information about our activities in Georgia, inviting Russian investors to cooperation. For obvious reasons Georgian media paid no any attention to Maximov&Partners. But we are certain that in near future following the development of our Georgian projects, the situation will change for better. Please, find English language publications below and look for much more Russian publications here. 1. Printer & Publisher, 2009, №3-4, pp.10-13. 35 MILLION RUBLES TO MAINTAIN THE DATA BASE (translation) 2. Secret of Firmy, 2009, №5, p.14. LET’S GO TO THE BASE (translation). 3. The Union State, 2010, January – February, pp.88-93. NOT EVERYONE KNOW HIM, BUT HE KNOWS EVERYBODY. 4. National Defense, 2011, #1 (16), pp.38-39. A BUSINESS CARD FOR RUSSIA’S MILITARY INDUSTRIES.